Tonkin Materials Testing Limited is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory.

A full schedule of our testing accreditation can by viewed by clicking here.

Some of the tests we conduct:

The Plate Bearing Test. Undertaken in accordance with BS 1377 : Part 9 : 1990, this method covers the determination of the vertical deformation and strength characteristics of soil in-situ by assessing the force and amount of penetration with time, when a rigid plate is made to penetrate the soil. This test can be used to evaluate the ultimate bearing capacity, the shear strength and deformation parameters of the soil beneath the plate without entailing the effects of sample disturbance. The method may be carried out at the ground surface and in safely shored and supported pits and trenches.

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer. The TRL Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) is an instrument that can be used for the rapid measurement of the in-situ strength of sub-grade, unbound and weakly bound materials underlying or an element of an existing or proposed construction. Measurements can be made down to a depth of 800mm with the standard DCP and 1500mm by adding extension rods. Where layers have different strengths, the boundaries between them can be identified and the thickness of each layer determined.

Determination of Bulk Density using an indirect density gauge, undertaken in accordance with BS1377:Part9:1990.

Classification of soils and aggregates including recycled aggregate.

Our schedule of accredited sampling and testing concentrates on tests relating to compaction of earthworks and pavements and is complimented by moisture content, binder content and particle size distribution tests and the classification of soils and aggregates including recycled aggregate.

We have a number of trailer mounted coring rigs that are used primarily for the sampling of concrete and asphalt pavement materials. Coring for other purposes is also carried out, including barrier posts, lamp columns, snow markers and bollards. Coring rigs are available for hire either on their own or with an operator.